Recognising Student Volunteering on Transcripts

What counts as volunteering on the transcript?

Any activity that appears on the transcript must be:

(a) Volunteering,

(b) Objectively verifiable.

If your organisation meets both these criteria, it is probable that your activities can be recognised on UWA student's supplementary transcripts. Please contact us to pursue the process further.

(a) What counts as volunteering?

In order to be considered volunteering, it must meet be an activity that is:

* unpaid,

* of the volunteers' free will,

* and for the common good (Item 1.3).

* community based

* for a registered not-for-profit charity or organisation

* for an outreach type activity

(b) What counts as objectively verifiable?

On the supplementary transcript, the number of hours volunteered is displayed. This number must be audited by a member of the community organisation, termed the "auditor," who is familiar enough with the activities of the organisation and sufficiently involved with its processes to be confident in the integrity of the data. The auditor must be a:

* Paid staff member of the community organisation,

* An unpaid volunteer manager reporting to a paid staff member,

* A staff member of the University.

* It cannot be a student unless that student is a Guild Volunteering Program Director.

What about volunteering that doesn't involve a community organisation?

We recognise that many activities done by students - such as social justice activities, on-campus events, or participating in the Guild - is an important part of student culture and can often be considered volunteering. However, our need to audit activities done by students makes it such these activities may not be objectively verifiable and therefore cannot be counted. This includes activities such as:

* Answering e-mails at home,

* Having a committee meeting,

* Attending a rally or protest event.

How do I get my organisation or club's activities recognised?

Our goal is to ensure that as many valid community outreach opportunities as possible are recognised. The process is outlined in our Transcript Recognition Inclusion Process policy (full policy available on request). To begin with, registration on VolHub (for Clubs), our volunteering classifieds, is essential. Following that we must identify an auditor who is capable of taking on the administrative role of auditing student's volunteer data. The final step is for that auditor to meet with Guild Volunteering's staff and identify a procedure by which we can ensure the integrity of the data.

Why isn't my volunteering with organisation recognised?

If your organisation is not listed here, chances are they have not yet approached Guild Volunteering about establishing recognition of their activities. If they are In Discussions, we are engaging in the process to develop the agreement necessary to recognise the data. If they are On Hold or Declined, it is probable that either their activities were not considered volunteering, or were not considered to be objectively verifiable. We appreciate your patience as this process will take time.