Services for Community Organisations

How We Work

Community organisations can register and promote to students quickly and easily using our online system. Registration is free, easy, and only takes 15 minutes.

Guild Volunteering is a joint partnership of the UWA Student Guild, Volunteering WA, and The University of Western Australia. The joint venture is a recognition that volunteering is of benefit to the student campus experience, to the University's teaching and learning objectives, and to the community more broadly. We are looking for volunteering opportunities that share this spirit of reciprocity.

Promotion and Recruitment with Guild Volunteering

Guild Volunteering lists all of its positions through our online classifieds, VolHub. VolHub is an open service available to any volunteer-involving organisation that meets our terms and conditions which are adapted from Volunteering WA.Guild Volunteering also has a strong social media following and we are able to promote your organisation through our social media. Generally we prefer to promote opportunities of high relevance to students and/or one-off event volunteering. We aim to list and promote events where we know we can recruit volunteers.

Dates for Social Media promotion must be booked in advance and are reserved for organisations registered with VolHub. Organisations with Program Directors can access additional promotional resources through Guild Volunteering, such as Guild News, V-News, additional social media promotion, and attendance at Guild Volunteering events. If you have a UWA Student who already volunteers with your organisation, and is keen to provide increased support, we'd love to meet them.


Registration on VolHub is easy, free, and only takes about 15 minutes. Download the guide.