Services for Clubs, Faculty Societies, and Unaffiliated Groups


If you would like to start a community outreach program, come see how we can help. Through our affiliation with VolunteeringWA,we can support you in ensuring that your plans fit best practices in volunteering. We can also identify other community organisations and individuals who you may want to work with or who run similar programs.


All volunteer-involving UWA Guild Affiliated Clubs are welcome to promote with Guild Volunteering using our VolHub system. A guide is available on how to register on the system. Once registered, we can help you promote through our Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, our Newsletter, Guild Weekly, and on-campus events. We also love to share media around volunteering, so if you have any photos, videos, or articles written we would love to see them and help circulate them to more people.


The Guild is your voice and representation on campus. The role of Guild Volunteering, specifically, is to advocate for community outreach opportunities in academic and student life. We also work to promote volunteering amongst students through our partnership with VolunteeringWA. If you face any issues or challenges around volunteering that you would like to see resolved, please let us know.

Transcript Recognition

Since 2013 Guild Volunteering has recognised student volunteering on a supplementary academic transcript. Recognition of volunteer hours must meet certain criteria and must be objectively verifiable by the relevant Volunteer Coordinator or Supervisor or UWA Volunteer Program Director or UWA staff member . If your volunteering is with a community organization, they must also be willing to take on the additional administrative burden of recognising student volunteering. More information is available on our Transcript Recognition page.

Room Bookings

Guild Volunteering's front office is available for clubs involved in organising activities that promote or create nice things. The office comfortably seats eight and has facilities for presentations. You're also welcome to use the room informally provided no former bookings have been made. The office can also be booked after office hours so you can plot how to save the world under the cover of darkness. To book the room, email or visit us.