Find your Perfect Volunteer Opportunity Here

You can volunteer with a Guild Volunteering's Sport & Rec Program. Promote healthy living and revitalise local communities by helping out a local sport & recreation club.

You can volunteer with a Club or Faculty Society. Many Clubs on campus involve volunteers in activities relating to social justice, grassroots activism, community outreach, leadership, and social enterprise. Getting involved with a club or society that does good things is a great way to meet people, make a difference, and learn new skills all at once.

You can volunteer through The University. These positions mean you'll be directly supported by University staff. These opportunities are great if you want to volunteer on campus within well supported programs.

You can volunteer with a community organisation. These opportunities are external to Guild Volunteering, but we do some quality control here. This is a good way to get off campus and experience something totally new.

Time poor, or just looking to dip your toes in to volunteering? Event volunteering has you covered: Once off, low-commitment opportunities to get involved with great causes.

You can do volunteering eligible for transcript recognition. This is a cross-section of all opportunities, but filtered down to those that will be recognised on a supplementary academic transcript.

Volunteering WA

Volunteering WA aims to build strong communities through volunteering and provides a range of resources, services and support so that people in Western Australia are aware of and understand the nature and scope of volunteer activity.


Volunteering is best kept personal - maintain your own volunteer profile and identify opportunities in your area based on your interests, passions, and availability.

Big Help Mob

Big Help Mob exists to make volunteering as mainstream as cheeseburgers and breathing. The one-stop-shop for event-based volunteering in your local area.