Our Volunteering Partners

UWA Student Guild

Well, we're Guild Volunteering duh. The Guild recognised pretty early on that you can't have student volunteering without it being student run. A big thanks to the Guild for helping point us in the right direction strategically, as well as giving us all the resources we need (like, a place to stay and a person to run the joint).

Volunteering WA

Volunteering WA is on standby to augment whatever we do; to help make it better. They help us out with training, achieving best practices, getting good media, finding community organisations in need, and a whole bunch of other stuff. Being a part of Volunteering WA ensures that we're part of Western Australia's big volunteering group hug.

The University of Western Australia

The University itself helps us out in a number of ways. They're doing absolutely fabulous things promoting Service Learning on campus. They're also helping us out by recognising volunteering on a supplementary transcript. Thanks, UWA!